Night Water Project

"Think outside of mainstream music..."

In 2013, Derek released his first self-titled album, Night Water
Project consisting of all original material. Since then, Derek has
released two Night Water Project albums and a handful of singles. He
is always looking for a new idea and challenge. His newest project,
Goodnight, My Angel: a Collection of Children’s Lullabies,
consists of known songs geared towards newborns and young
children. Every track is overlaid with nature sounds for a relaxing,
unique and enjoyable experience for a parent and their child. “There
are many studies out there which show how beneficial music is for a
newborn child,” says Derek. “Lullabies especially have a proven track
record of soothing infants and can help with bonding as you sway a child
to the beat of a relaxing tune.”

The new album is available as a digital download on iTunes, Amazon, and CDbaby. Physical copies are also available for purchase through Paypal.

Track list:

1. Jesus Loves Me

2. Rock a Bye Baby

3. Row Row Row Your Boat/Nothing Better

4. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

5. Reborn (Bedtime Stories version)

6. This Little Light of Mine

7. London Bridge/Hot Cross Buns

8. Yankee Doodle/Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

9. The Muffin Man

10. I Wish I Could Speak to You Tonight/As the Deer

11. Brahms Waltz/Brahms Lullaby

12. Joy to the World/Angels We Have Heard on High

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